Specialist Program On Offer For Students From The West

Specialist Program On Offer For Students From The West

Western Australia Education Minister Elizabeth Constable

WA Public Schools Cater For 103 Dreams Your Child’s Could Be One Of Them

Victor P Taffa

Specialist Programs provide academic, creative and sporting students with amazing opportunities, and now a new program could produce the next hip hop superstar.

Students at South Fremantle Senior High School’s acclaimed specialist music program one of 103 specialist programs at 57 schools will spend the next two terms honing their hip hop skills with established artists.

Education Minister Liz Constable said the hip hop program was just one of many that engaged and challenged students in Western Australian public schools.

“The program has been made possible by a $30,000 Creative Education Partnerships: Artists-In-Residence (AIR) Initiative grant from the Australia Council for the Arts; the Department for Culture and the Arts; and Department of Education.” Dr. Constable said.

“From fashion design to football, aviation to agriculture, surfing to science and hospitality to hockey, many of the programs are linked to universities, industry, training organisations and sporting bodies.”

Hip Hop Harmony is a joint program between South Fremantle SHS, Kulcha Multicultural Arts WA and selected artists.

The professional learning program for up to 60 students aged between 12 and 17 will allow students to explore song writing, recording and performing.

Students will be mentored by professional artists and will have the opportunity to perform at surrounding primary schools, a concert at the school and at their own CD launch at the finale at Kulcha in Fremantle.

David Anderson, Head of Arts at South Fremantle SHS, said Hip Hop Harmony provided a strong link with Kulcha and the wider school community.

“This is a marvellous, rich extension to our program which allows students to extend their musical capabilities and enrich their cultural experiences.” Mr. Anderson said.

“Our Specialist Music Program provides students with enormous opportunities to develop their skills, as well as give them access to purpose-built facilities including rehearsal rooms, digital recording studios and performance areas.”

Calling for parents to apply on their children’s behalf for the wide range of programs available, the Minister said students could take part in a program no matter where they lived.

“Specialist Programs cater for students’ interests, get them work ready, and help them stretch educational boundaries all while providing opportunities to expand their future possibilities.” Dr. Constable said.

“Our students have achieved amazing success. Past graduates have gone on to study nanotechnology at Oxford University, direct at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Arts and even represent Australia at the Olympics.”

Each program is accredited by the Department of Education to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Each school manages its own application and selection process.