South Australians Struggle Under Soaring Water Bills

South Australians Struggle Under Soaring Water Bills

South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Millions Spent On Consultants As Water Bills Skyrocket

Victor P Taffa

Labor has spent $33.4 Million on SA Water consultants in 2010-11 while South Australian families struggle under the burden of escalating cost of living pressures.

SA Water Annual Report reveals the amount spent on consultants has increased by nearly 30 % since last year an extra $7.5 Million.

SA Water’s total expenditure on consultants has increased from $25,898,143 in 2009-10 to $33,419,874 in 2010-11.

Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said SA Water’s consultancy spend was exorbitant and a slap in the face to South Australians facing soaring water bills.

“These consultants are employed on top of current public servants, and the financial pressures of South Australian families are being ignored by this Labor Government.” Mr. Evans said.

“None of these consultants were even hired for work on the desalination plant, so what was the 30 % increase in spending on consultants for?”

“Clearly, these unbelievable water price increases are not to cover the cost of the Government’s unnecessarily large desalination plant, but also to cover the cost of Labor burning money on extra SA Water consultants.”

“While South Australian families and pensioners struggle to pay the spiralling cost of water, electricity and overall cost of living pressures, Labor is continuing to escalate it’s spend on consultants.” Mr. Evans said.

“This $33.4 Million is coming out of the pockets of all South Australian water consumers, who have been hit with a 40 % increase in the cost of water for 2011-12 and will face an increase of around 40 % in 2012-13.”

“Mr. Weatherill must justify to South Australians massive increases to water prices and the cost of living.”

“South Australians cannot afford these skyrocketing costs Mr. Weatherill must explain whether his Labor Government will continue this unaffordable trend.”

“The only thing increasing at a faster rate than SA Water’s spending on consultants at 30 % is water price increases of 40 %!” Mr. Evans said.