South Australia Exports Collapsing

South Australia Exports Collapsing

South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry & Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

SA Exports Still Lagging

Victor P Taffa

Today’s ABS data showing that SA Goods Exports growth was half that achieved nationally puts further pressure on the Rann Labor Government to reveal a plan to increase SA Exports.

“The Australian Bureau of Statistics data (ABS) released today shows the 12 month value of Exports rose slightly to $8.9 billion or 3.1 %, while nationally goods exports grew by 6.1 %.” Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade, Martin Hamilton-Smith MP said today.

“Unfortunately this amount is still significantly less than in 2001-02 when under the State Liberals annual SA goods exports were valued at $9.1 Billion, even without adjusting for price inflation.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“SA’s share of national exports was 7.52 % in 2001-02 compared to only 4.03 % today.”

“The recent State Budget included severe cuts to the Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED).  The Minister should now explain to South Australian businesses how these cuts will help to improve South Australia’s export figures.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“Will cutting funding to the Council for International Trade and Commerce SA (CITCSA) help increase exports?  Will cutting DTED’s Trade and International Market Development staff from 16 to 2 help increase exports?  Will cutting DTED’s Business Migration Programs from 18 FTE’s to 9 and Industry Investment Attraction from 16 FTE’s to 8 help increase exports?”

“Perhaps the Minister can also explain how much South Australia’s exports will be increased by DTED’s continued funding of Fiera del Levante and Mr Nicola Sasanelli, Special Envoy to Europe?” Mr. Hamilton-Smith asked.

 “This all goes to show that Labor’s claims during the election campaign about their economic performance were mainly attributable to stimulus spending and government investment all of which must eventually be replaced by business investment and private sector growth.  And their target of increasing South Australia’s export income to $25 Billion by 2014 was nothing but pure Labor Spin.”

“Exports and creating full-time jobs should be our focus.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.