Society Has Lost Its Self Respect

Society Has Lost Its Self Respect

Queensland Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie

Get Serious & Name And Shame Looters

Victor P Taffa

Looters should be Named and Shamed and ordered to perform public clean ups as part of any punishment, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said looters needed to be publicly shamed.

“Anyone devastated by cyclones or subsequent flooding have to contend with the heartache of their losses.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“No one needs to suffer the double whammy of having their valuables stolen.”

Mr. Bleijie said under the current criminal law, stealing by looting carried a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.


There are simply too many bleeding heart do-gooders who have some explaining to do. The rights of parents have been taken away and so an entire generation thinks that it can do as it pleases.

Editor Victor P Taffa grew up in an era when respect for others was taught and was given the strap by School Teachers and Parents. This gave Victor P Taffa the required respect for authority that is lacking today.

Even as recently as two nights ago in a Sydney Restaurant there were a group of people that comprised a couple of Families. The infant who was seated in the high-chair on two occasions threw glasses onto the floor and the person who was probably the mother said nothing and did nothing. This example is how this child will grow up never learning right from wrong.