Signage Introduced To Bring Down Motorcyclist Death Toll

Signage Introduced To Bring Down Motorcyclist Death Toll

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

Motorcycle Safety To Be Highlighted With New Signage

Victor P Taffa

The State Government is about to trial a new warning sign to improve safety for Motorcyclists in Western Australia.

Following extensive consultation between Main Roads WA and the Motorcycle Riders’ Association of Western Australia (MRA), two locations with a history of motorcycle-related crashes have been identified where the new signs will be installed.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said Motorcycle Riders were among the most vulnerable road user groups on WA Roads and anything that could be done to improve their safety was worthwhile.

“Many Motorcyclists are killed on our Roads every year, with 150 people involved in Motorcycle Crashes killed in the five-year period January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2009.” Mr. O’Brien said.



“This figure represents about 2% of crashes in the State involving Motorcycles a staggering 5,991 during that Period.”

MRA President Dave Wright said safety for Motorcyclists was its priority, with ‘Ride Safe’ being the Association’s Motto.

“We are very supportive of the trial, as anything that highlights the presence of motorcyclists on our roads, making us more visible to other road users would be beneficial.” Mr. Wright said.

“Two trial locations have been identified: Mundaring Weir Road in Kalamunda and the Pinjarra-Williams Road.”

“These are Popular Recreational Routes for Motorcyclists, with a history of crashes involving motorcycles at these locations.” Mr. Wright said.

The warning signs, which have been used in Victoria and NSW, indicate to Motorcycle Riders that additional caution is required on the road ahead.