SA Has Worst Participation Rate In Sport Across Australia For 15–24 Age Group

SA Has Worst Participation Rate In Sport Across Australia For 15–24 Age Group

South Australia Shadow Minister for Sport Terry Stephens

‘Hard Road’ Ahead For New Sports Minister

Victor P Taffa

South Australia has the worst rate of participation in sport and recreation across Australia for participants aged 15–24 and the Rann Labor Government must accept the blame.

The State Liberals once again call for an urgent and comprehensive audit of sporting facilities in South Australia.

“An ABS report released today shows participation in sport and physical recreation for this particular age group has decreased from 74% (2005-06) to 70% (2009-10) and is the lowest in the nation.” Shadow Minister for Sport Terry Stephens said today.

“This is further proof that Labor is focused on its plans for Adelaide Oval to the detriment of grassroots sport.” Mr. Stephens said.

“The health and social benefits of an active lifestyle are well documented and these figures are disappointing.”

“The State Liberals argue that new and upgraded local sporting facilities will go a long way to increasing participation rates.” Mr. Stephens said.

“An urgent and comprehensive sporting facilities audit must be conducted to help identify the most urgent projects and funding allocations in our community.”

“Sport SA, the peak sports industry body in South Australia, has long been calling for such an audit.” Mr. Stephens said.

“This should be one of the first tough tasks that the new Minister for Recreation and Sport Tom Kenyon takes on.”

“Mr. Kenyon’s favourite band, the Hilltop Hoods, have a song called ‘The Hard Road’ and there’s no doubt that ensuring these participation figures improve will be just that.” Mr. Stephens said.