Royal Visit To North-West Victoria

Royal Visit To North-West Victoria

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Prince William To Visit Victoria’s Flood-Affected Communities

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government is very pleased to confirm today that Prince William will be visiting Victoria’s flood-affected communities later this month.

Prince William will travel to North-West Victoria on 21 March on behalf of the Queen to view areas recently affected by flooding and talk to families who have been affected by recent floods.

“I am absolutely delighted the Prince is coming to Victoria to show his support.” Premier Ted Baillieu said today.

“The Royal Family has shown a lot of interest in the terrible damage done to communities and families by the floods and Victorians will be greatly heartened to know of their interest.”

“The Prince’s visit will provide immense support and comfort to communities and families strickened by these floods.” Premier Baillieu said.

Further details of the Prince’s visit will be released in due course.