Redevelopment Of The Convention Centre Boosts Local Business

Redevelopment Of The Convention Centre Boosts Local Business

South Australia Minister for Tourism Leon Bignell

$340 Million For Local Contractors As Convention Centre Reaches New Heights

Victor P Taffa

The state’s building and construction industry along with our visitor economy is reaping the rewards of Adelaide’s booming Riverbank precinct.

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell said more than $340 Million in contracts had been awarded to local businesses working on the redevelopment of the Convention Centre.

“The redevelopment has created hundreds of jobs in South Australia with more than 97 % of contracts awarded to local business since work began in 2011.” Mr. Bignell said.


“As a result of this work, more than 300 events and conferences some attracting up to 1,000 delegates are scheduled for this year.”

“Many of the conferences have a focus on health, research, tourism, food and wine and mining key aspects of the State Government’s economic priorities. It is expected they will attract 35,000 interstate and international visitors and generate more than 100,000 bed nights.”

“In total, more than $85 Million will be pumped into our visitor economy.”

Mr. Bignell said the highest point of the redevelopment had just been completed more than 30 m above the Riverbank promenade level.

“The next step in construction is external façade work and glazing begins next month.” Mr. Bignell said.

“Handover of the Centre remains on track in time for the biggest conference ever to be held in Adelaide the Astronautical Society which will bring 3,500 delegates in September 2017.”

“Since the opening of the West Building in March last year, 380 events have already been hosted at the Centre including the prestigious Qantas Australian Tourism Awards, Dreamtime 2015 and Corroboree Europe 2015.”

“On average the delegates are spending $632 a day which has a flow-on effect to our restaurants, taxis, retail outlets and other small business operators.” Mr. Bignell said.

“The State Government was right on the money when we invested $35 Million over two years in last year’s Budget to market South Australia nationally and internationally and attract new events and conferences.”

“From the Convention Centre, Adelaide Oval and South Australian Health Medical Research Institute, there is immense interest in Adelaide right now.” Mr. Bignell said.