Rann Wants A Tram That Jay Denies

Rann Wants A Tram That Jay Denies

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

LABOR LEAKS: Rann In Desperate Search Of Personal Legacy

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s latest high level leak has revealed that lame duck Premier Mike Rann will announce a $100 Million tramline extension in coming days.

A leak from within Government has indicated the Victoria Square tramline will be extended down Gouger Street and then onto either Morphett Street or West Terrace. Apparently the $100 Million extension will then link up with the North Terrace tramline.

“What we have here is lame duck Premier Mike Rann again searching for a personal legacy and deliberately trying to derail the Labor Government.” Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond said.


“Not only that, but Labor this week broke one of its key 2010 election promises by announcing the $75 Million Darlington Interchange project has been scrapped.”

“If Labor can afford to splash out $100 Million on a tramline extension, then it can afford to honour its $75 Million Darlington Interchange promise.”

“However, the $445 Million cost of the Southern Expressway duplication will not change, leading to speculation that Labor will experience yet another major project cost blowout.”

“Basically South Australians are getting less for more with this project.”

“Let’s not forget that Treasurer Snelling said earlier this year “the simple fact is that there is little or no capacity to add on to the already historically high infrastructure spend” (Channel 9, 9 May).

“Not only that, but L-plate Premier Jay Weatherill isn’t even aware of Mr. Rann’s Gouger Street tramline extension, highlighting Labor’s inherent disunity problems.”

(Abraham: one of the things [Mike Rann would] like to see is the tram running down Gouger Street before he leaves Parliament … what else is on the wish list, do you know? Bring back the Ferris wheel on top of Cox Foyes or what?) Weatherill: … I don’t know … I didn’t notice those remarks … that’s not a present government decision. (Abraham: Well, there’s no money there for it, according to Jack Snelling, but Mike wants that before he steps down … tram going down Chinatown.) Weatherill: … I’m not familiar with that. (ABC Radio, 9 August 2011)

“Mr. Rann is trying desperately to find a legacy he is clinging onto the BHP announcement, a tram down Gouger Street, and a mysterious arts announcement.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Mr. Rann is holding our state to ransom and he is doing Mr. Weatherill slowly.”

“Labor’s latest high level leak demonstrates South Australia has a rotten Government with leaders who don’t talk to each other.”