Rann Government Rides Roughshod Over Community Concerns

Rann Government Rides Roughshod Over Community Concerns

South Australia Shadow Minister for Planning David Ridgway

Decide And Defend

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has again shown it is completely out of touch with the community, Shadow Planning Minister David Ridgway said today.

“A Liberal Government will support and encourage Proper, Planned Growth in Adelaide and Regional South Australia.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“But we will do so in consultation with the community.”

“This Labor Government has shown at Gawler, Seaford Heights and Mt. Barker that it rides roughshod over Elected Councils, Ratepayers and Local Families.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“Once again, it has shown today that its modus operandi is to decide, then defend.”

“That’s the wrong process. It should consult, and then decide. Unions are waging the wrong campaign. They obviously want Rann and Foley out, but today Paul Holloway has shown that the entire Cabinet suffers the same disconnect from the community.”

“This is an Authoritarian Government, contemptuous of its Electorate.” Mr. Ridgway said.