Railway Duplication For Esperance

Railway Duplication For Esperance

Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Esperance Port Access Improvement Project Moves Ahead

Victor P Taffa

In Esperance today, Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced that industry would this month be invited to bid for $120 Million worth of work to upgrade Road and Rail access to the Town’s Port.

The Esperance Port Access Corridor Project, jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments includes:

  • Realignment of Harbour Road, with a bridge over the Railway Line to the southern side of Track;
  • Realignment of the Railway Tracks to the northern side of the realigned Harbour Road;
  • Elimination of two level crossings at Watson Street and The Esplanade with bridges from Twilight Beach Road to The Esplanade and Harbour Road to Johns Street;
  • Improvements to pedestrian and cycle access across the freight transport corridor;
  • Preparatory works to allow for the future upgrading of Harbour Road to four lanes and a duplication of the Railway Line.

“This project will greatly enhance safety for all road users, as well as significantly improve transport reliability and journey times.” Mr. Buswell said.

“Planning for this project has been under way for a long time and has strong community and stakeholder support.”

“In the coming weeks Main Roads WA will call for expressions of interest from industry and I expect the works to be carried out between the 2012-13 and 2013-14 financial years.”

“Another important element to this project will be work to reduce noise currently experienced by residents bordering sections of Harbour Road. Noise walls will be built and the final road surface sealed with asphalt to reduce traffic noise.”

The Minister said improving Road and Rail Infrastructure into Esperance Port would enhance its growing importance as an export point for the Goldfields-Esperance Region.

“This project is as much about catering for future growth as it is about managing present day activity, by eliminating conflict points at level crossings and improving overall transport efficiency.” Mr. Buswell said.

Esperance Port Road & Railway Access Plans

Esperance Port Road & Railway Access Plans