Queensland’s Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate Up 0.2% December 2016

Queensland’s Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate Up 0.2% December 2016

Acting Queensland Treasurer Bill Byrne

Trend Jobless Rate Stays Steady At 6% In Queensland

Victor P Taffa

Acting Treasurer Bill Byrne says it’s reassuring to see Queensland’s trend unemployment rate steady at 6 %.

“This is a good outcome in the current economic climate with 28,400 jobs created in Queensland since the election.” Acting Treasurer Byrne said.

“We’ve seen Queensland’s trend unemployment rate fall 0.6 of a percentage point since the election, from 6.6 % left by Tim Nicholls in January 2015 to 6.0 % in December 2016 under Labor.”

Acting Treasurer Byrne said the result emphasized the need for the Palaszczuk Government to maintain its focus on creating job opportunities in regional Queensland.

“Clearly our unrelenting focus on job creation and the proactive economic plan we’ve implemented is stimulating economic activity in the wake of the failed Newman-Nicholls LNP (Liberal National Party) years.” Acting Treasurer Byrne said.

“We’re generating higher economic growth and giving business the right conditions and confidence to invest and create jobs.”

“There is more work to be done and as a Minister from regional Queensland I want to recognise the Premier for her understanding of the economic challenges some regions face, especially in creating new jobs.”

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in December was 6.2 % compared with 6 % in November.

Acting Treasurer Byrne said although the latest figures were an encouraging sign, the government knew there was more to do and would continue focusing on jobs.

“We promised to be a government that focused on job creation and we are delivering on that promise.” Acting Treasurer Byrne said.

“As the Treasurer said when delivering the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review last month, we are taking no pause, no breather, no rest, and no detour from our firm and fixed focus on job creation.”

Last month’s Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review showing a revised surplus of more than $2 Billion also outlined more initiatives to generate jobs including:

  • $200 Million Jobs and Regional Growth Package incorporating an additional $160 Million in new funding on top of the existing $40 Million Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Program,
  • $200 Million Works for Queensland program to support local councils across the state undertaking job-creating, maintenance or minor infrastructure projects.

These joined existing initiatives including:

  • $40 Billion four-year infrastructure program with $10.7 Billion earmarked for 2016-17 supporting an estimated 31,000 jobs,
  • Almost half the 2016-17 infrastructure spending ($4.9 Billion) targeted to regional Queensland,
  • A $100 Million Back to Work package giving regional employers a $10,000 incentives to hire an unemployed person, or $15,000 for hiring some who has been long-term unemployed and looking for work for more than 12 months,
  • $20,000 Back to Work Youth Boost available until the end of February 2017 to hire 15-24 year olds,
  • More than $440 Million for the Accelerated Works Program to bring forward projects to stimulate economic activity in regions. By the end of 2016 an estimated 153 projects or 90% will be completed,
  • $405 Million Advance Queensland Package to foster innovation and investment in jobs of the future as well as develop new jobs through innovation in our traditional strengths such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, education, and health,
  • Doubling of the payroll tax rebate from 25% to 50% for employers hiring trainees or apprentices. Almost 3,500 businesses have so far taken advantage of concessions worth $17.8 Million,
  • Reintroduction of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program axed by the Newman-Nicholls Government with $240 Million over four years to help an estimated 32,000 jobseekers train for and secure jobs. So far the program has funded 576 community-based programs worth $90.3 Million,
  • $33.5 Million Advance Queensland Connecting with Asia Strategy to boost tourism, airlines services, and local jobs, and an extra $128.3 Million over four years to provide funding certainty to Tourism and Events Queensland to promote our state as a destination in Australia and abroad.