Prohibition For Alcohol A Failure In The Alice

Prohibition For Alcohol A Failure In The Alice

Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan

Sly Grog Shops Highlight Labor’s Failure

Victor P Taffa

Claims published in The Australian Newspaper that illegal grog shops are selling cheap wine in Alice Springs make a mockery of the Henderson Government’s grog restrictions in the town.

“While law-abiding citizens can’t buy takeaway alcohol after 9 pm, there’s a black-market servicing the thugs who have taken control of the streets after dark.” Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan said today.

“Alcohol Prohibition has a history of failure over many years, and the bans in Alice Springs have been a severe embarrassment for Labor.”

“The Chief Minister has gone all out to restrict the sale of grog in Alice Springs, but the restrictions in have been a monumental failure.” Mr. Conlan said.

“Tough grog laws have done nothing to reduce violent crime in the town, anti-social behaviour is out of control and over the past few months Alice Springs has been hit by the largest crime spree in recent history.”

“What the Chief Minister won’t admit is that if people want grog, they’ll get it.” Mr. Conlan said.

“According to The Australian, instead of having the intended effect of reducing crime, Labor’s Policies have actually laid the foundations for more crime in the form of a bootleg alcohol industry.”

“The Chief Minster knows there’s a law and order problem in Alice Springs he admitted as much during last week’s Parliamentary debate but his solution is to punish all Alice Springs residents through alcohol restrictions rather than target problem drunks.” Mr. Conlan said.

“A Country Liberals Government would introduce mandatory rehabilitation for alcoholics and place 20 extra Police on the beat in Alice Springs in a bid to improve community safety.”

“The Chief Minister must immediately abandon his efforts to introduce prohibition across the Territory and focus on measures that disadvantage the people who cause most of the problems.” Mr. Conlan said.