Premier Allays Maternity Leave Concerns

Premier Allays Maternity Leave Concerns

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Labor’s Maternity Leave Anomaly To Be Fixed

Victor P Taffa

Premier Ted Baillieu today announced that he had asked the Public Sector Standards Commissioner, Mr. Peter Allen, to examine current agreements and policies in place so as to resolve any inconsistencies preventing staffs that was transitioning between the Parliamentary and public sectors from obtaining paid maternity leave under the usual conditions.

“I have also asked the Commissioner to look at any other issues over the recognition of prior service in the Public and Parliamentary Staff sector that may have been highlighted following the change of Government.” Premier Baillieu said.

Premier Baillieu pointed out that the policy which denied paid maternity leave to a particular electorate office staff member had been in place since 2002, and had been established under the previous Labor Government.

“I believe that policy is unreasonable.” Premier Baillieu said.

The Premier said certain policies or agreements might have to be modified, and he was happy to work with the Community and Public Sector Union to make any changes that Mr. Allen recommended, and amend the policies to overcome such a shortcoming.

“I have written to the Speaker and the President to advise them that I have asked the Public Sector Standards Commissioner to examine this matter with a view to regularising entitlements.”

Premier Baillieu said that, in relation to the particular electorate officer who was denied maternity leave, he understood the decision was made in accordance with the advice provided by the Department of Parliamentary Services which relied on the established policy prepared under the previous Government.

The Parliament’s Maternity Leave Policy of December 2002 explicitly provides that ‘paid maternity leave shall not be granted to an electorate officer who has not completed 12 months continuous service on the day the electorate officer commences maternity leave’.

“I believe there should be recognition of prior service for the purpose of paid maternity leave between the Public and Parliamentary services.” Premier Baillieu said.

“As a consequence, I believe that this anomaly which has been in place for nine years will be fixed, including in the case of the staff member concerned.” Premier Baillieu said.