Planning For The Future

Planning For The Future

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Independent Assessment Process For Possible Expansion Of Urban Growth Boundary In Growth Areas

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has acted quickly on the Victorian Coalition Government commitment to address metropolitan land supply shortages by announcing an independent process.

The process will determine possible urban growth boundary (UGB) inclusions stemming from a review of the 2009 boundary changes.

The process will examine what are known as ‘logical’ boundary inclusions and is one of the key planning election promises the Coalition committed to before the 2010 election.

“I have established a clear and fair process involving the Growth Areas Authority (GAA) and an independent advisory committee to consider the logical inclusion of properties within Melbourne’s UGB.” Mr. Guy said.


The GAA will review the merits of land submissions already submitted to the 2009 Urban Growth Boundary review; and after a process of assessment the authority will refer submissions to a new Logical Inclusions Advisory Committee for final determination.

For land to be considered as a logical inclusion, strict criteria will apply and projects must meet particular standards, the details of which will be available on the DPCD website. The Coalition Government will appoint a probity auditor to oversee this process from start to finish.

The process will apply to the

  • Wyndham,
  • Melton,
  • Hume,
  • Whittlesea,
  • Mitchell,
  • Casey,
  • Cardinia growth area councils only.

Mr. Guy said the timing of this new process will depend on the number of properties to be assessed and the timetabling of the advisory committee hearing process.

“It is only fair that proponents, local councils and neighbouring property owners all have an opportunity to make comment and appear before the advisory committee if they desire.”

“The assessment process and associated public hearings will be subject to a probity audit to ensure fairness and transparency.” Mr. Guy said.

Following the review of submissions, the advisory committee will have four weeks in which to submit its advice and recommendations to the Minister for him to then determine the number of logical inclusion of properties within the UGB.