Plagiarism Plagues Queensland

Plagiarism Plagues Queensland

Queensland Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey

Kate Jones Rejects Reality And Substitutes Her Own

Victor P Taffa

The Silly Season has well and truly begun in the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Office, with Kate Jones mixing up fact and fiction.

In an attack on Queensland Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey today, Ms. Jones claimed the LNP had supported the long-term Labor Government’s waste tax in the past.

Mr. Dempsey said Ms. Jones had been caught out using quotes out of context.

“In her attack Ms. Jones quotes my predecessor but she had to leave out whole blocks of Glen Elmes’ speech to Parliament to make the words fit her reality.” Mr. Dempsey said.


“As a quick check of Hansard would have shown Ms. Jones, Mr. Elmes criticised yet another Labor Mates deal while he reserved making a judgement on the scheme until Labor had actually implemented it.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“Mr. Deputy Speaker, Queensland is the LAST State in Australia to introduce such a levy. On World Environment Day, the Premier, the Treasurer and the acting Minister jointly confessed that Queensland’s waste management industry would FINALLY be dragged into the 21st century, but it also shows the power of a good ex-Labor Minister mate. There sits Rod Welford as the new Head of the Australian Council of Recyclers.   Appointed on 12 August 2009 and we now have a levy on which to expand an industry.”

“Mr. Deputy Speaker, this certainly is a win for Rod Welford’s recycling industry with a promised 7,000 jobs and an expanded industry and it is a win for the environment if it reduces landfill by a third as projected. But it is also a win, if the Government can be believed, for environmental funding particularly at the local and regional council levels.”

The proof of the Pie is in the eating and I will reserve my judgment.”

Glen Elmes – Budget Reply Speech – 11 June 2010 Hansard

Mr. Dempsey said he would welcome a scheme that would cut waste, but he would not hold his breath on this toxic Labor Government’s ability to deliver.

“Any Queenslanders knows they can’t trust the Bligh Labor Government to do anything it promised.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“On May 28, the LNP expressed concerns that this scheme was more about raising revenue than actually protecting the environment. Kate Jones is yet to produce anything to refute these concerns.”

“Queenslanders are already paying more for fuel, electricity, water, car registration and a multitude of stealth taxes introduced by this cash-strapped Government that continues to waste hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars.” Mr. Dempsey said.