Peak Hour Travel Times Slow Down

Peak Hour Travel Times Slow Down

South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Steven Griffiths

It Takes Longer To Get To Work Under Labor

Victor P Taffa

Driving to work is taking longer and traffic is moving more slowly after a decade under Labor.

According to the Royal Automobile Association (RAA), in 2010 daily peak hour travel times continued to increase and average speeds continued to fall.

Five out of seven Adelaide roads surveyed by the RAA operate below the national minimum level of service with average speeds falling below 30 km per hour.

None of the roads surveyed are flowing freely during peak hour.

Shadow Transport Minister Steven Griffiths said that Labor had neglected South Australian roads.

“The report card from the RAA is really a report card on more than a decade of Labor and it tells South Australians that this Government has failed.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“Labor has left us with a $400 Million back log in road maintenance that not only slows commuters down but also puts lives at risk.”

“Labor Ministers brag about the latest road works but it is a last ditch effort to fix a problem this Government has ignored for years it is too little too late.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“Under Labor we have seen a failure to implement innovative and effective infrastructure planning to cater for a growing population and make getting to work easier for South Australians.”

“Longer and slower travel times are an unfair frustration for South Australians.” Mr. Griffiths said.