Patients With Parkinson’s Disease Set To Enjoy Big Benefits

Patients With Parkinson’s Disease Set To Enjoy Big Benefits

Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips

Small Parcels Of Good Things

Victor P Taffa

Patients with Parkinson’s Disease are set to enjoy big benefits from tiny technologies, thanks to an innovative Victorian Government Program.

At the launch of the AusBiotech Business Development Forum, Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips last night announced Global Kinetics Corporation Pty Ltd as one of three companies to be awarded a Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program Voucher, worth more than $200,000.

Global Kinetics Corporation Pty Ltd is to trial a micro-electro-mechanical wristband device that will record a patient’s tremors and relay the data in real time to their treating neurologist, to optimise their drug therapy.

“Bringing together Victoria’s capabilities in micro- and nano-technology with our strengths in biotechnology, ICT, smart engineering and medical manufacturing will deliver substantial economic benefits, to Victoria and beyond.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

The Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program uses an innovative, world’s-best-practice system of vouchers to support Victorian businesses to adopt small technologies, such as micro-electronics and nano-technology.

Vouchers are exchanged for access to small technologies facilities, services, advice or expertise provided by approved suppliers.

“The Victorian Government is committed to empowering companies to develop their own solutions to their own problems.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“Through the new voucher system, we are supporting both the companies that receive the vouchers and the organisations that supply the products and services.”

“By strengthening and encouraging Victoria’s small technologies industry, we are simultaneously fostering a competitive advantage for Victoria’s biotech sector, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device developers, and agricultural sector.”

“It is with the convergence of such technologies that we will see the new economy flourish.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

The First Three Recipients of Small Technologies Trial Vouchers are:

  • Global Kinetics Corporation Pty Ltd, for the Parkinson’s disease KinetiGraph System, to develop a micro-electro-mechanical system for the treatment of patients with the debilitating neurological disorder of movement, Parkinson’s Disease;
  •  Starpharma Pty Ltd, to develop pilot-scale production of a nano-coated agrichemical that is both more efficient, so farmers need less, and more effective, so that agricultural production is increased;
  • AdAlta Pty Ltd, to identify and manufacture nano-scale antibodies to reduce drug discovery timelines.

Eleven vouchers of up to $10,000 and seven vouchers of up to $50,000 have also been awarded for projects ranging from water-repellent textiles and shark antibody manufacture, to customised micro-electronics systems for restaurants and golfers.