Opposition Supports Chaplains In Schools

Opposition Supports Chaplains In Schools

Queensland Shadow Minister for Education & Training Bruce Flegg

LNP Supports School Chaplains

Victor P Taffa

A Liberal National Party (LNP) Government would continue to support chaplaincy in schools regardless of the outcome of the High Court Ruling.

Shadow Minister for Education and Training Bruce Flegg said irrespective of the case now before High Court, the LNP would continue to support school chaplains.

Dr. Flegg said the LNP was concerned the case taken to the High Court by the Australian Council of State School Organisations was about denying rights for parents and schools.

“Most parents and school principals I know welcome chaplains.” Dr. Flegg said.

“They see them as a valuable adjunct to other welfare services at schools.”


“This is about offering support and guidance for our students and above all, offering choice.” Dr. Flegg said.

“Many children struggling with emotional issues have found great support from chaplains.”

“We should never forget we need to support children’s emotional needs, not just teach them facts and figures.” Dr. Flegg said.

The So-Called Ethics Classes as put forward by the New South Wales Labor Government is supposedly not an attack on Religion in Schools. Similarly one wonders if this case by the Australian Council of State School Organisations regarding Chaplains in Schools has the same left-wing ideological bent?

The New South Wales Labor Party continually paints itself as more Catholic than the Catholic Church and yet time and again this left-wing attack on religion in Schools continually comes to the fore by various Labor Governments.

For the record Editor Victor P Taffa proudly went to St. Patrick’s College Strathfield which is the same school that New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally’s father-in-law Thomas Keneally went to.