Notley-Smith Saves Heritage Bronte Seawall

Notley-Smith Saves Heritage Bronte Seawall

New South Wales Member for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith

$45,000 Grant To Protect Bronte Seawall

Victor P Taffa

Member for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith today informed the community of a $45,000 grant to protect the Bronte seawall.

Mr. Notley-Smith said the Coastal Management Grant will fund a technical assessment and design project for the wall to ensure its structural integrity and ability to withstand potential future hazards.

“The seawall is about 100 years old and this funding will make sure we understand what will need to be done to ensure this wonderful piece of our history endures into the future.” Mr. Notley-Smith said.


“This initiative is an important measure to ensure the seawall remains structurally sound, which is vital to the wall’s longevity. The project will also look into minimising erosion and inundation risks, as well as the wall’s ability to withstand potential future sea level rise.”

“Bronte Beach is an icon of our local community and for Sydney in general, and I am pleased the New South Wales (NSW) Government is delivering to ensure Bronte Beach and its seawall are protected and maintained into the future.”

Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the NSW Government was working hard to protect and manage the state’s coastal areas.

“The saltwater economy is an integral part of our way of life, and we want to ensure we have a healthy coast with thriving, resilient communities now and into the future.” Mr. Stokes said.

The grant is matched dollar for dollar by Waverley Municipal Council.


Brumby Horses

When the Baird Government has money to save the heritage Bronte Seawall but engages in a mass slaughter of Brumby Horses in southern New South Wales then questions must be asked about the deafening silence and hypocritical stance by Minister for Environment Mark Speakman on this issue.