Northern Territory Number Plate Recognition Technology Now In Force

Northern Territory Number Plate Recognition Technology Now In Force

Northern Territory Minister for Police Fire and Emergency Services Peter Chandler

Drug Detection Areas Officially In Operation

Victor P Taffa

New powers aimed at giving Police the ability to establish declared drug routes designed to prevent narcotics entering the Northern Territory by road have come into force.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Peter Chandler said six specially equipped and adapted Land Cruisers will operate in strategic locations throughout the Northern Territory following amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act passed by Parliament earlier this month.

“Operating in support of Task Force Nemesis, the vehicles mark a significant upgrade in the NT Police’s capabilities to fight the import of drugs such as methamphetamine (ICE), speed and others.” Mr. Chandler said.

“The six new vehicles are fitted with ‘In Car Data’ terminals and an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.”

“Drug Detection Areas allow police to monitor the movement of people through known drug trafficking routes and enhances their ability to search vehicles, people and freight.”

These initiatives will;

  • Target known drivers of crime in our community, particularly dangerous drugs and alcohol;
  • Involve training our members to be more adaptive and equipping them to be technology-enabled;
  • Work in partnership with the community to ensure community safety and to ensure that our policing services are responsive to the need to conduct regular, effective and tactical supply reduction initiatives.

Since its’ commencement on July 1 this year Task Force Nemesis has already achieved some outstanding results and more importantly saved a lot of families and individuals harm by seizing ‘ICE’ and other drugs bound for the streets within our community.

“It’s all part of the Country Liberals’ Government’s plan to crack down on crime and make our streets safer for all Territorians.” Mr. Chandler said.

“We are committed to provide our Force with the resources they need to protect the community; this is just one extra tool in their toolbox.”