No Money For Cyclone Shelters

No Money For Cyclone Shelters

Queensland Shadow Minister for Public Works Andrew Cripps

Labor Cyclone Shelter Commitment Blown Away   

Victor P Taffa

The Bligh Government confirmed during question time today that its Cyclone Shelter Program had been blown away.

Nearly five years after the 2006 Election Commitment, Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten told Parliament the Government’s Policy was being reviewed the first time Queenslanders had heard anything about it.

Shadow Minister for Public Works, Andrew Cripps, said he was extremely concerned that Queenslanders had been left in the dark.

“The Minister needs to urgently tell the people of Queensland when the decision was made to undertake the review, who’ll be undertaking the review and when will the findings be made public.” Mr. Cripps said.

“The Minister failed to commit to release the timetable for cyclone shelters promised within 100 days of the 2006 State Election. That was nearly five years ago.”

“What happened to this Election Commitment and why has his Government failed to deliver.” Mr. Cripps said.

“Minister Schwarten mentioned the BER buildings, recently built by the Federal Government’s Stimulus Package, were still standing, but the overwhelming majority of them are not cyclone rated.”

“Indeed, many of these are just large undercover areas with no walls, no toilets and no kitchens and are totally unsuitable for cyclone shelters.”

Mr. Cripps said the truth was very few fair dinkum cyclone shelters had been built since the election commitment in 2006.

“In short, the Bligh Government has failed to honour its commitment to the people of Queensland and left vulnerable communities exposed to dangers of cyclones.”

“Minister Schwarten’s response today raises more questions than it answers and that is a serious concern for communities on Queensland’s East Coast.” Mr. Cripps said.