Motorcycle Paramedics Arrive

Motorcycle Paramedics Arrive

Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Coalition Delivers On Motorcycle Paramedic Election Pledge

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government has delivered on an election commitment to pilot a Motorcycle Paramedic Unit to respond to emergencies in inner Melbourne.

Marking one year since the Coalition Government was elected Minister for Health David Davis today officially launched Ambulance Victoria’s first Motorcycle Paramedic Unit outside Etihad Stadium.

“In 2010-11, Ambulance Victoria responded to 350,000 emergency incidents in metropolitan Melbourne, of which 200,000 were Code 1 incidents requiring a lights and sirens response.” Mr. Davis said.

“The growing population is putting pressure on our transport infrastructure, and as a result, increasing traffic congestion is making it difficult for ambulances to respond rapidly to emergencies in inner Melbourne.”

“This dedicated Motorcycle Paramedic Unit will make it easier and quicker for Ambulance Victoria to respond to emergencies at places such as Etihad Stadium in the Docklands and the busy CBD.”

“They will provide early assessment, triage and initiation of treatment that may save lives.”

“By getting to the scene and assessing patients sooner, the Motorcycle Paramedic Unit will also be able to advise the co-ordination centre when stretcher vehicles are not required enabling resources to be directed to where they are most needed.” Mr. Davis said.

The men and women of the first Motorcycle Paramedic Unit will be riding Piaggio 500cc motorcycles. These motorcycles are used by paramedics in Singapore.

Mr. Davis said the government was responding to challenges in providing ambulance services to Victoria’s growing population.

“We are interested in supporting innovation by looking at new ways of tackling the challenges facing the health system.” Mr. Davis said.

“The Motorcycle Paramedic Unit is one example of innovation supported by the Coalition Government, with $3.2 Million committed in the last State Budget.”