Ministerial And Central Government Offices Moves To Dumas House

Ministerial And Central Government Offices Moves To Dumas House

Western Australia Minister for Finance Simon O’Brien

Government Office Accommodation Consolidation To Save $165 Million Over 15 Years

Victor P Taffa

Finance Minister Simon O’Brien today announced extensive consolidation of departmental offices as part of the State Government’s office accommodation reforms.

From June 2012, office accommodation costs to the State Government will be significantly reduced due to the relocation of Government Departments from the expensive Perth Central Business District (CBD).

Mr. O’Brien said the reduced costs are estimated to be $11 Million per year over the next 15 years a saving of up to $165 Million.

“The Government will be consolidating Departmental Offices into precincts with the first round of relocations to be completed by June 2012.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“Leasing new office accommodation in precincts will enable the sharing of facilities such as reception and meeting rooms.”

“At the same time, community access to Government agencies will be improved and modern open plan style offices will be set up to improve agency flexibility and employee amenity.”

The Minister said the Executive of the Government would move to the Dumas House precinct at West Perth.

“Thorough Treasury and Finance analysis has showed it is much cheaper to use the Dumas House precinct than to lease new space in the Perth CBD.” Mr. O’Brien said.

Thirteen Ministers, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Public Sector Commission will be based in Dumas House.

The Office of the Premier, the State Cabinet Meeting Room and Cabinet Secretariat will relocate to Hale House.

The relocation will consolidate the Government’s presence in the area around Parliament House, but also provide the opportunity to restore the heritage listed building to the same standard of the adjacent Constitutional Centre and Old Observatory.

Moving the Ministerial and central Government offices to Dumas House will enable the executive of the Government of Western Australia to be housed in one central location similar to that of the Queensland Government (Executive Building, Brisbane) and the New South Wales Government (Governor Macquarie Tower, Sydney).

The Dumas House precinct is ideal because it also adjacent to Parliament House.

The Heritage listed Dumas House is now 45 years old and requires a building refit and refurbishment at a cost of approximately $56 Million.

The move to refit and refurbish Dumas House for the relocation of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Public Sector Commission and four Ministers is approximately $26 Million.

In addition, $21 Million is required to ensure Dumas House is compliant with building and disability access codes (including the installation of fire sprinklers) and a further $9 Million is needed for remedial works to the external facade, all of which have been neglected over the years.

Similarly, new and improved premises for the Opposition are to be provided in the immediate vicinity as the current premises have suffered considerable water damage.

Around 25 agencies will be relocating prior to the expiry of the leased Governor Stirling Tower, which has been the home of the Government executive since the early 1980’s.

Of the 1,150 people currently based at Governor Stirling Tower, around 600 will relocate to Dumas House, most of the others will move to a new building at 140 William Street Perth or to Albert Facey House, in central Perth. This includes the Department of Treasury and Finance’s (DTF) Treasury division and the Economic Regulation Authority.

There is also a need to refurbish the structure of the Government-owned Albert Facey House to improve its disability access and to upgrade general access issues created by the removal of the footbridge across Forrest Place. This will cost $12.9 Million.

As well as the Ministerial offices, Dumas House currently houses several State Government departments, including Local Government, Regional Development and Lands, Communities, Treasury and Finance’s Government Procurement division, plus the Office of the Auditor General. All these agencies will be moving out of Dumas House, with most relocating to 140 William Street or Albert Facey House.

DTF’s Government Procurement division will be relocating to the new Optima building in Osborne Park.