Minister Unsure Of The Costs

Minister Unsure Of The Costs

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Sport Ross Bohlin

Turfing Out The Truth

Victor P Taffa

The Sports Minister has finally given an accurate account of the cost to hire three helicopters and a super soaker in the failed attempt to save Marrara as the venue for this year’s Aboriginal All-Stars AFL game.

Shadow Sports Minister, Ross Bohlin, said Karl Hampton had been conservative in his costings at the time of the failed Marrara rescue attempt.

“Mr. Hampton originally said the cost was around $10,000.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“Tonight, under questioning during Estimates hearings, Mr. Hampton admitted the helicopters had cost $17,300 and just over $1,200 to hire the super soaker.”


“Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to retrieve Marrara for the footy, nor is it possible for Karl Hampton to retrieve his credibility.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“He deliberately played down the cost of drying the ground to deflect criticism.”

“It was the Minister who signed the cheques to pay for the choppers and sopper and he should have shared with Territorians the true cost of the rescue mission.” Mr. Bohlin said.

Also tonight, the Minister revealed a ‘turf barber’ will be deployed in an attempt to salvage the Marrara playing surface at a cost to taxpayers of $60,000.