Minister Approves Prosser River Training Wall Project

Minister Approves Prosser River Training Wall Project

Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Prosser River Training Wall To Benefit The East Coast

Victor P Taffa

Recreational boaters will enjoy a permanent, reliable and safe access from the Prosser River into Spring Bay for the first time following approval of the $1.04 Million Prosser River Training Wall Project, Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said.

“Hodgman Government is pleased to invest more than $750,000 in this important marine infrastructure, with Glamorgan Spring Bay providing $250,000.”

Walls, made from sand-filled geo-textile bags, are necessary to prevent erosion that is threatening the Tasman Highway, private residences and a shorebird nesting area at Orford.

Construction of this permanent opening will allow safe access to 33 jetties, a public boat ramp and numerous moorings in the mouth of the Prosser River at Orford where shoaling sands have regularly completely restricted access to public and private marine infrastructure.


This in turn will encourage future growth and investment in Orford and provide support for the town’s 40 existing businesses.

“It’s a great outcome for both the local community and the East Coast economy.”

“Project tender was advertised on the weekend, and I look forward to the project’s completion later this year, prior to the bird nesting season.” Mr. Hidding said.