Minister Announces 4 Point Plan For A Safer Road

Minister Announces 4 Point Plan For A Safer Road

Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

Minister Endorses $1.5 Million In Coalfields Highway Safety Improvements

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien has endorsed safety improvement works for the Roelands Hill Section of Coalfields Highway, site of a Double Fatality earlier this year.

The Safety Improvements, costing up to $1.5 Million, include a lower speed limit through the section and better delineation of traffic lanes, with most of the work expected to be delivered by December.

Mr. O’Brien’s decision was made immediately upon receiving a Safe System Review group report which assessed the nine kilometre section of the highway to determine if the road contributed to the crash.

“Importantly, the group found the road was not a contributing factor in the crash, and that the Roelands Hill section meets current standards and guidelines.” the Minister said.



“However, the group did produce a number of recommendations for improving visibility and safety of the road environment through the section, which I have accepted and asked Main Roads WA to implement as soon as possible.”

The treatments include:

  • Lowering the maximum speed limit on the Roelands Hill section from 110kmh to 100kmh. This will mean the maximum limit on the entire length of the highway will be 100kmh;
  • Changing pavement markings to convert the overtaking lane into a climbing lane, which will more effectively separate slow moving vehicles from the faster moving vehicles;
  • Investigating the use of electronic active warning flashing signs to inform motorists of the presence of slow moving vehicles ahead.  In the interim, static signs warning of slow moving vehicles will be installed;
  • Extending the sealed shoulders to one metre in width and installing audible edge lines.

The works will be undertaken by Main Roads WA’s maintenance contractor in the South-West.

Signage and lane markings will be implemented from next week and the shoulder works will be carried out in 2011.

The Minister said the works were in addition to those he announced on Tuesday, in which a $3 Million contract was awarded for widening and reconstructing more than four kilometres of Coalfields Highway between Collie and Allanson.

“That contract is part of the $14 Million Package of works to upgrade the Coalfields Highway which the Liberal Party promised before the last election.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“This allocation represents the biggest commitment to the highway since the Court Coalition Government in the 1990s.”

The Safe System Review Group which assessed the Roelands Hill Section of Highway is a multi-disciplined group comprising members of the Western Australian Police, Office of Road Safety, Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (CMARC) and Main Roads WA.