Mills Reaffirms Support For INPEX Project

Mills Reaffirms Support For INPEX Project

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

INPEX Support Re-Stated

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader Terry Mills met with INPEX Representative Director, Chairman Naoki Kuroda and senior officials in Tokyo this morning to re-state the Country Liberals’ unqualified support for the Ichthys Project.

Mr. Mills said the meeting followed several similar discussions with INPEX executives in Darwin where he had also committed the Country Liberals to backing the project.

“The INPEX development will drive economic growth in the Northern Territory for many years.” Mr. Mills said.

“During the meeting, officials indicated they were keen to have a long-term relationship with the Northern Territory and welcomed the overwhelming support from within the Territory for the project.”

“One point that came through very strongly during the meeting was that INPEX will have a positive impact over time on the Territory’s economy.” Mr. Mills said.

“There will be no sudden surge, but a progressive increase in economic activity as the project develops.” Mr. Mills said.

“I told the meeting that the Opposition will work with INPEX in any way we can to broaden the Territory’s skills base, make the cost of housing more affordable and lobby the Commonwealth for concessions in the allocation of 457 visas to overseas workers.”

“I look forward to the Northern Territory enjoying a long and mutually beneficial relationship with INPEX in the years to come.” Mr. Mills said.