Make Those Bodies Sing

Make Those Bodies Sing

Queensland Shadow Minister for North Queensland Andrew Cripps

Eat More Bananas During Fruit Shortage – Cripps

Victor P Taffa

Queenslanders and indeed all Australians have been urged to eat more Bananas during the current shortage of fresh fruit caused by the widespread flooding across the state.

Shadow Minister for North Queensland Andrew Cripps said despite the record floods severely affecting many traditional fruit growing areas of Queensland, North Queensland Banana growing areas had so far incurred no damage to crops.

“North Queensland Banana Growers are sending an abundant supply of fruit to southern markets. With such a strong supply of fruit, consumers should not accept the recent flood events as an excuse from retailers to increase the price of Bananas.” Mr. Cripps said.

“Consumers can have confidence in the clean, green credentials of bananas sold in Australia because all bananas sold in Australia are grown in Australia.”

“I encourage consumers to support this quality Australian product as an alternative while other types of fruit are scarce.” Mr. Cripps said.

Mr. Cripps said he was proud of the fact that approximately two-thirds of Australia’s Bananas were grown in his North Queensland electorate of Hinchinbrook and said the local communities supported by the banana industry were good, hard-working Queenslanders.

“Australians love their bananas. Presently, consumers should be enjoying very competitive prices, as supply problems experienced earlier this month, caused by major transport routes being cut, have now been overcome and are no longer a problem.

“I call on retailers to ensure their banana prices reflect the good quality and the strong quantity of fruit being supplied to southern markets. Consumers should be enjoying delicious, affordable bananas from North Queensland across Australia.”

Mr. Cripps rejected suggestions by some commentators that a shortage of fruit and vegetables following the widespread floods would result in the need for imports into Australia and said he remained absolutely committed to a total ban on imported Bananas.

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