Major Win By Education Union

Major Win By Education Union

Australian Education Union Victorian Branch

Another Win For TAFE4ALL Campaign!

Victor P Taffa

Coalition Pledges To Bring Back Concessions For Diploma Students

The Liberal National Coalition announced today that if it wins government on Saturday it will reintroduce concession fee places for diploma and advanced diploma students.

AEU members know our most needy students have found the huge cost of enrolling in diploma courses to be a major barrier to a TAFE education. They cannot afford the fees up front and many are averse to taking out the huge loans on offer.

Under the Coalition’s Plan, Health Care Card Holders would pay just $100 to enrol for a diploma or advanced diploma not the hefty $2,000 currently imposed on them by the Brumby Government’s Skills Reform.



This is a major victory for the AEU’s TAFE4ALL campaign, which has fought since the beginning for the reintroduction of concessions. The Brumby Government is now totally isolated on this issue.

The number of students studying at diploma and advance diploma level has plummeted since the reforms TAFE teachers know this better than anyone. This proposal will again make vocational training accessible to low income students.

Eligibility Criteria

Peter Hall, Shadow Minister for Training, has also pledged action to help students who already have a diploma or higher to gain further TAFE qualifications.

Students are now forced to pay the full costs of a training place if studying at an equivalent or lower level to their current qualifications. These fees can be anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, putting retraining and lifelong learning out of the reach of many.

The AEU has always argued that this restriction is nonsense and that Victorians deserve to be able to access a TAFE education at any stage of their working lives.

The Coalition says it will double funding for exemptions from paying full fees to $20 Million per year for the next four years. After considerable lobbying by the AEU, the ALP has itself conceded the injustice of its restrictions by doubling the number of exemptions next year at a cost of $10M.

The AEU has also welcomed the Coalition’s Pledge to review the new fee structures if it wins Power.

The union hopes that whoever wins Government in Saturday’s Election will take the merits of accessibility to quality vocational education and training into consideration.

Regardless of the outcome on Saturday, our TAFE4ALL campaign will continue.

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