Leadership Changes Weakens Public Confidence In Politics

Leadership Changes Weakens Public Confidence In Politics

Political Leaders Changes On A Whim

Victor P Taffa

The latest leadership change in Australian Politics simply serves to weaken confidence in Politics and the Political Process.


The Resignation of Tasmania Premier David Bartlett has a hollow ring to it. David Bartlett placed his family first and is a descent man. However before all the details of the leadership change were known in an email to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman the question was asked as to when a By-Election would be held.

Serving as a Minister is a 24/7 time consuming job as the mobile phone constantly rings off the hook. Former Premier David Bartlett will continue as a Minister in a Minority Government.

What makes this situation all the worse is that at the 20 March 2010 Tasmania State Election the Liberal Party polled 5,928 more votes Statewide than Labor and yet Will Hodgman is still Opposition Leader.

Female Politicians have every right to hold the Top Job however the following list of Female Labor Leaders were in some ways selected as the option of last resort.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher not only was that Country’s First Female Leader but its longest  serving and Her Personal Character and Tenacity were legendary. “This Lady’s Not For Turning.” is her most famous quote. For the record Margaret Thatcher was Victor P Taffa’s favourite Female Politician.

Australia’s Heads Of State are the Governor’s General for the Federal Government. State Governor’s are the Head Of State for the 6 State Government’s and the Administrator’s of the Australian Capital Territory and The Northern Territory are their Chief Administrator’s. There has been various Female Office Holder’s including current Governors-General Quentin Bryce and New South Wales Governor Marie Bashir.

Australia’s Female Political Leaders:

  • Australia

Prime Minister Julia Gillard 2010-

Followed Kevin Rudd

  • Australian Capital Territory

Chief Minister Rosemary Follett May-Dec 1989 & 1991-1995

First Chief Minister

Chief Minister Kate Carnell 1995-2000

Followed Rosemary Follett’s Second Term.

  • Northern Territory

Chief Minister Clare Martin 2001-2007

Followed Denis Burke

  • Western Australia

Premier Carmen Lawrence 1990-1993

Followed Brian Burke and Peter Dowding

  • Victoria

Premier Joan Kirner 1990-1992

Followed John Cain Jnr.

  • Tasmania

Premier Lara Gidding 2011-

Followed David Bartlett

  • South Australia

Nil Female Premiers

Liberal Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

  • Queensland

Premier Anna Bligh 2007-

Followed Peter Beattie

  • New South Wales

Premier Kristina Keneally 2009-

Followed Nathan Rees

Every Premier and Prime Minister does His/ Her best when leading their particular Government.

Not only should Australia retain State Government’s but The Northern Territory should become The State of Northern Australia.

When all Government’s changed from 3 year flexible terms to 4 year fixed terms with the exception of Federal and Queensland Elections the move was sold as one of ‘stability’ and an ‘ability for Government’s to achieve more in office.’

Constant leadership changes have thrown this theory out the window and our democracy is the weaker for it.