Late Night Train Services Trialled

Late Night Train Services Trialled

Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Vampires On Board Extended Train Service Trial

Victor P Taffa

  • Six-month trial of 4 am weekend trains start after midnight Friday
  • 2.15 am and 4 am trains will be free

This weekend marks the start of a six-month trial of ultra-late Friday and Saturday night trains, the result of a high-profile Facebook campaign earlier this year.

Launching a vampire-themed advertising campaign to promote the new, extended service, Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the 4am trains increased transport options for people travelling home in the early hours of the morning.

“The State Government is keen to provide services that people want, and it was convincingly put to me that thousands of West Australians want later train services on the weekend and it makes good sense to maximise the use our resources.” Mr. Buswell said.


“Transperth will trial a 4 am train on all train lines on Saturday and Sunday mornings from November until April, when we’ll evaluate its effectiveness and make a decision on its future.”

“The 4 am trains will be free as the 2.15 am trains already are and will remain.”

The Minister said he hoped the promotional campaign and assistance from a number of stakeholders would improve the trial’s chance of success.

“In setting up the trial and its promotion, we have consulted with a number of stakeholders including the WA Nightclubs Association, which has actively pursued such an initiative.” Mr. Buswell said.

“We’re counting on all those people who wanted this service to help spread the ‘Get Home Before Sunrise’ message and help make this trial a success.”

Mr. Buswell said Transperth’s weekend security operations would also be extended and they would liaise with WA Police to ensure there was appropriate coverage at the later times.

Fact File

  • Mr. Buswell announced the trial in June following a meeting with the Facebook campaign’s creators, Seb Brodie and Scott Brosens
  • Previously, the last scheduled weekend trains left at 2.15 am