Land Use Transfer Contingent On Providing A Health Centre

Land Use Transfer Contingent On Providing A Health Centre

Western Australia Minister for Regional Development & Lands Brendon Grylls

Land Transfer Allows Expansion Of Aboriginal Health Centre

Victor P Taffa

An Agreement between the State Government and the Wirraka Maya Health Service (WMHS) in Port Hedland would allow for the expansion of the Health Centre, Regional Development and Lands Minister Brendon Grylls said today.

Mr. Grylls approved the conditional transfer of the 3,411 sqm lot immediately adjacent to the current WMHS Health Centre for use in its Development Plans.

Conditions of the Sale Preserve the use of the land as a Health Centre.

“Wirraka Maya Health Service provide a vital service to the community and their expansion proposals will allow them to attract further doctors and improve the services already offered.” Mr. Grylls said.

“Without this agreement, development would have been unable to progress and associated improvements in the delivery of health services to Aboriginal people would have been lost.”


The Centre complements Health Services provided by the Department of Health and provides for the provision of Primary and Social Health Services for Aboriginal people throughout the Port and South Hedland Region and surrounding areas.

The not-for-profit organisation is funded by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services which provides for the delivery of health services.  Any remaining funds are placed in reserve for capital growth, in particular for a new health clinic.

WMHS previously received $90,000 in Royalties for Regions funding for an Aboriginal Oral and Dental Health Program. The Program was funded by the Regional Grants Scheme (RGS) through the Pilbara Development Commission. The RGS is a State Government Royalties for Regions initiative which aims to improve services in Regional Western Australia.