Labor Walks Away From Murray River

Labor Walks Away From Murray River

South Australia Shadow Minister for Water Security Mitch Williams

Labor Gives Up On SA River Murray

Victor P Taffa

Today’s decision to delay until 2019 the implementation of any plan to save the River Murray indicates that Federal and the South Australia Labor Governments have given up on the River Murray and South Australia.

Shadow Water Security Minister Mitch Williams said that much of the blame for today’s failure must be sheeted back to the Labor Party when in 2007 Premier Mike Rann decided to play politics with the River Murray.

“Mike Rann put the Labor Party agenda before the best interests of South Australia and the River Murray in SA.” Mr. Williams said.

“He fought against (Then Prime Minister) John Howard’s proposal for a Federal takeover of the River and the $10 Billion that was on the table to fix the river wanting his mate Kevin Rudd to become Prime Minister ahead of the interests of South Australians.”

“South Australians are appalled at the short sighted self interest demonstrated by Labor both federally and in SA they have ruined an opportunity that this state had to secure the long term health of the River Murray.” Mr. Williams said.

“Labor has failed the SA river communities, it has failed the River Murray environment, it has failed the irrigating food producers, and it has failed SA.”

“Labor should hang its head in shame.” Mr. Williams said.