Keeping Editor Victor P Taffa Under Surveillance

Keeping Editor Victor P Taffa Under Surveillance

New South Wales Labor Government Opposes Heavy Railways

Victor P Taffa

On a daily basis the New South Wales Labor Government instructs the New South Wales Police to keep Victor P Taffa under surveillance. This situation has gone on for years and the New South Wales Labor Government is so full of this addiction that it cannot wean itself off it with only weeks left in the corrupt and incompetent life of this Government.

26 March 2011 is Polling Day in New South Wales and 10 March 2011 is the day of Close of Nominations for Candidates.

Victor P Taffa has previously announced an intention in The Southern Thunderer NOT to contest the election however if Victor P Taffa goes anywhere in Sydney concern is raised that he is standing in that particular seat. If Victor P Taffa was standing in the New South Wales Election he would be handing out campaign brochures by now.

The New South Wales Labor Government and Police are keen to see that Victor P Taffa is not ‘causing trouble’ as they both consider that the views expressed and articles published are ‘causing trouble.’

There is NO coincidence that wherever Victor P Taffa goes the Police follow. This included every trip to Newcastle. This also included innocently sitting in Food Outlets on Majors Bay Road Concord, Victoria Road Gladesville, Pubs in various locations. Either Police or friends of Police have kept an eye on what Victor P Taffa is up to. After leaving the Food Outlets having been served peacefully by Staff over a long period of time Victor P Taffa suddenly finds that the Staff in subsequent visits becomes abusive.

The New South Wales Police have had a weird attitude towards Retail Outlets over many years. This discrimination was prevalent when Victor P Taffa applied on two occasions to join the New South Wales Police.

Having been forced to SELL HIS HOME by the New South Wales Labor Government and forced into financial slavery because of support for Railway Expansion in New South Wales these two unprofessional outfits continue unabated against Victor P Taffa.

Both the New South Wales Labor Government and Police since 2001 have opposed Railway Expansion Plans that are now contained in According to reliable sources Former Premier Bob Carr ‘Threw them in the bin’ as he wanted to build Metro Rail and destroy the RailCorp Network. This pattern was the same as the New South Wales Labor Government’s advanced plans in the 1930’s to close down the Tramway Network which was not finally realised until 1961.

All of this history is why Victor P Taffa was accused of being ‘crazy’ for wanting to improve and expand the New South Wales Railways. Victor P Taffa is a real ‘threat’ to Labor and had to be placed in a Psychiatric Hospital. Of course Labor will deny this strenuously.

This is all the more reason why the New South Wales Labor Government is trying to tell the Victoria Liberal Government what to do. Victor P Taffa is seeking to work with the Victoria Liberal Government in a Senior Transport Role as they recognise his ability and talents. Due to New South Wales Labor’s incarceration of Victor P Taffa the laws of the Mental Health Act apply to New South Wales however the New South Wales Labor Government would under S.75 of the Commonwealth Constitution have to seek leave to the High Court of Australia to STOP Victor P Taffa from working for the Victoria Liberal Government.

The New South Wales Parliament was prorogued early by Premier Keneally and 4 March 2011 is when Parliament must be prorogued for the 26 March 2011 Election. However New South Wales Labor Government’s are not fond of Constitutional rules in this case or the 1932 dismissal of then Labor Premier Jack Lang by Governor Sir Philip Game over an attempt to raise illegal loans.

New South Wales Labor Minister for Transport John Robertson has announced a carbon copy of the failed Western Metro and City Relief Line. The City Relief Line might sound good but will simply face operational restrictions that the Carlingford, Cronulla, Eastern Suburbs and Richmond Lines face on a daily basis. Had Labor Transport Minister Carl Scully been able to build the entire Parramatta-Chatswood Railway the Western Express would not have been considered.

Further Mr. Robertson is deluding himself if he thinks that his Railway Plans are better than Former New South Wales Labor Premier Joe Cahill. Former Premier Cahill completed John Bradfield’s dream of a City Circle Line that is NOW at capacity. Until 1956 when the City Circle Line was completed there were two City Stub Lines that terminated at Wynyard and St. James respectively. Nothing that Mr. Robertson has announced will improve the RailCorp capacity or are better than the plans of Victor P Taffa. Many of the Plans as contained in are simply a revival of John Bradfield’s.

The North-West Railway is long overdue and should connect to the Richmond Line from the beginning of operations. The South-West Rail Line unlike that of the North-West Line that is already adorning Railway Maps in Train Carriages are only two Stations long and NO announcement has been made to completely quadruple the East Hills Line. If the New South Wales Labor Government were serious about this project the East Hills Line would not be a half completed job.

Victor P Taffa is a man of drive, passion, talent and ability that is needed with a ‘can do’ attitude that exists in Victoria. There is enough negative energy in New South Wales to run a Power Station and a Labor Government that has more Spin Cycles than a Washing Machine.