Integrity In Public Administration Is Of Paramount Importance

Integrity In Public Administration Is Of Paramount Importance

Labor Member For Burwood Fails To Disclose Conflict Of Interest

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Liberal Candidate for Burwood Graham Watt

Victor P Taffa

The Member for Burwood it has been alleged has a direct conflict of interest in being a Member of Parliament and NOT disclosing Membership of Boards in the Merger of Ashburton Support Services and Semarinda Aged Care.

Further the Member for Burwood is allegedly on the Board of Bendigo Bank and FAILS to disclose his conflict of interest during Merger Talks with these organisations.

The Liberal Candidate for Burwood is outraged at the apparent alleged deceitful and secretive actions of the Member for Burwood.

If this was the only concern that would be enough. However the Member for Burwood who was elected on a platform of opposing overdevelopment and standing up for the rights of residents is allowing massive overdevelopment and a permanent change of character of suburbs as we speak.

Ashwood and Glen Iris are facing development problems due to the total failure of the Member for Burwood in standing up to the Minister for Overdevelopment Justin Madden.

Not to be outdone with overdevelopment is the complete denial of Adequate Policing at Ashburton Police Station. The job of a Good Local Member of Parliament is to provide enough Police Numbers for a Community. Ashburton Police Station has had Police Resources Slashed from 11 to 1 Full Time Officer since 2009.

On the issue of Overdevelopment or Police Resources the Member for Burwood is simply lazy or unwilling to adequately represent his constituents.

Integrity in Public Administration is of Paramount Importance in any democracy and the Member for Burwood must restore Public Faith in his ability to represent his constituents fairly and without any conflicts of interest being left unresolved.

For Graham Watt Judgement Day cannot come soon enough and the voters of Burwood will have the last say.

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