Improvements To Family Day Care Work Practices

Improvements To Family Day Care Work Practices

Western Australia Minister for Community Services Robyn McSweeney

New Strategic Family Day Care Plan Launched For Western Australia

Victor P Taffa

Community Services Minister Robyn McSweeney today launched Western Australia’s Strategic Plan for the family day care sector that seeks to implement changes under the new National Quality Framework (NQF) due to commence on January 1, 2012.

The five-year plan outlines national strategies to provide the highest quality care, learning and developmental outcomes for children in the family day care environment that are supported by a qualified and well-resourced workforce.

Mrs. McSweeney said the Department for Communities had been working closely with Family Day Care WA to identify any issues the sector could experience while transitioning to operate under the NQF.

“Interaction with the industry has identified a need for dedicated support to be provided to the family day care sector to assist schemes to transition with changes required under the NQF.” Mrs. McSweeney said.


“Support to WA schemes and carers will be undertaken by Family Day Care WA, alongside the Department for Communities where $100,000 will be invested to facilitate this year-long transition period.”

The Minister said the transition period would allow schemes and carers to be informed about the NQF and changes required to their work practices; facilitate access to training on key national quality initiatives such as the Early Years Learning Framework for School Aged Care; and assist schemes to develop standard policies and procedures to support them in their role of third-party regulators.

“In WA, we have 753 family day care educators who provide fantastic care and nurturing for 5,043 children.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“I am confident the plan that has been launched will assist Family Day Care Australia members in understanding and implementing changes under the NQF and provide information and education to schemes and carers about the national changes required to their work practices.” Mrs. McSweeney said.