Hyden Airport Lighting Upgraded For RFDS

Hyden Airport Lighting Upgraded For RFDS

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Premier Unveils New Lighting For Hyden Airport

Victor P Taffa

New Airfield Lighting and an Illuminated Windsock will allow safer night time landings and takeoffs at Hyden Airport.

A grant of $34,000 from the latest round of the State Government’s Regional Airports Development Scheme (RADS) funding was awarded to Wave Rock Enterprises, the owners of Hyden Airport, to purchase and install the lighting and windsock.

Unveiling the improvements today, Premier Colin Barnett said the Project was a great example of what Western Australian small communities could achieve.

“I am very pleased the Government has been able to contribute to this initiative, which will give the Hyden District better access to emergency services.” Premier Barnett said.



“This is important for air safety but the real benefit for the community is the knowledge that if illness or emergencies occur, the Royal Flying Doctor Service can land at night to evacuate patients.”

Prior to the lights being installed, Hyden Airport had been using flares to guide Planes in for night time landings and takeoffs.

The total cost of the project was $97,479, with significant contributions from the local community Shire of Kondinin.

The Premier said Hyden was one of the first centres to receive RADS Funding with a Grant of $308,000 in 1997-98 to start construction of the Airport.

“Today we see how the hard work of the Hyden community, businesses and local council has paid off with the official opening of these latest improvements.” the Premier said.

The objective of RADS is to ensure Regional Airport Services are developed and maintained to give regional communities access to air services and to enhance economic growth in Regional WA.

Since the RADS Program was introduced in 1997 it has allocated approximately $30 Million into more than 250 Projects.

WA was the first State to provide Funding for Airport Infrastructure in Regional Areas.

In 2010-11, $7.45 Million was budgeted for the RADS program, and this financial year 40 WA Airports have been allocated RADS Grants.