Hodgman Govt Outlines 6 Point Action Plan For King Island

Hodgman Govt Outlines 6 Point Action Plan For King Island

Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Bass Island Line 6 Point Action Plan For King Island

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding on Tuesday asked TasPorts to complete an assessment of current demand and supply capability for fertiliser supplies to the Island within 48 hours.

“That assessment is now complete and subject to further refinement of the fertiliser customers’ forecasts, TasPorts advises me there is a balance of an additional 47 containers that may require shipping over the next four weeks.” Mr. Hidding said.

Bass Island Line, a wholly owned subsidiary of TasPorts, is initiating a 6 Point Action Plan to tackle the current shipping needs on King Island.

This Action Plan will ensure that Bass Island Line (BIL) can meet King Island’s fertiliser needs in time for the seasonal break.

6 Point Action Plan includes a short-term charter of a private vessel to ensure the fertiliser and other essential goods are delivered to the island.

6 Point Action Plan for King Island shipping includes:

  1. Securing additional freight capacity – Eastern Line has agreed to provide additional sailings of the Statesman over the upcoming weeks on an as required basis.
  2. Creating an additional northbound sailing of the Investigator II for heavy containers next week, meaning there will be three (3) sailings with fertiliser next week following the three (3) sailings this week.
  3. Implementing a number of technical solutions on the Investigator II that will see its tonnage capacity increase by 20 %. It will have a capacity of 600 tonnes from next week.
  4. Continuing efforts to urgently source a larger vessel to replace the temporary Investigator II.
  5. Actively encouraging all King Island customers to book their freight to ensure it is shipped on time.
  6. Committing to King Island stakeholders to provide a weekly update on the operations of BIL.

“As previously stated, Bass Island Lines (BIL) has capacity to meet all known demand for cargo to King Island, including fertiliser. I note the commitment of additional shipping capacity has been customary at times of peak demand such as this.”

“Hodgman Government remains absolutely committed to supporting the King Island community and its farmers through ensuring the continuity of the sea freight link.” Mr. Hidding said.