Healthcare Policy On The Run

Healthcare Policy On The Run

South Australia Shadow Minister for Health Duncan McFetridge

Rann Dining Out On Hospital Pork-Barrelling

Victor P Taffa

The Rann Government has been caught out announcing a multi-million dollar election upgrade to the Modbury Hospital without any prior planning, due diligence or scrutiny.

Documents released to the Opposition under Freedom of Information (FOI) have revealed that the Health Department had no knowledge or involvement in the $44 Million Modbury Hospital redevelopment election announcement.

They also show the $44 Million upgrade was first taken to Cabinet on 19 February 2010 the day before Premier Rann issued the Writ for the March 2010 election.

The revelation came about following Mr. Dawkins FOI request to the Department of Health and the Department of Premier and Cabinet, seeking all documents relating to the Modbury Hospital.

“I knew something was up when I got a response from the Department of Health, saying: ‘documents within the scope of this application are more closely related to the functions of the Office of the Minister for Health’.” Mr. Dawkins said.

“In other words the Health Department had no idea about the proposal before it was announced!” Dr. McFetridge said.

The earliest document located by the Department of Premier and Cabinet is dated 19/2/2010 the day before the election was called and is described as a briefing attached to a cabinet submission from the former Deputy Chief Executive of DPC, Tanya Smith.

The earliest document located by The Minister for Health’s Office is dated April 2010.

“In other words Minister Hill had no idea and no involvement in this proposal before it was presented to Cabinet on 19 February 2010.”

“What sort of Government announces a major Health Election Commitment without the involvement of the Health Minister or the Health Department?”

“The lack of prior planning, due diligence and scrutiny proves this election announcement was dreamed up on the back of an envelope and was nothing more than pork barrelling designed to sure up marginal seats in the North-Eastern Suburbs.” Mr. Dawkins said.

“This Government has an appalling record of being able to deliver major infrastructure projects on time and on budget.  With this level of shoddy scrutiny, where Politics is ranked higher than Policy Planning, it is no wonder.” Dr. McFetridge said.

“Playing Politics with the Health Care System is as low and desperate as a Government can go.” Dr. McFetridge said.

The issue of ranking Politics above Policy Planning is also at the heart of the manner in which the New South Wales Labor Government has run that State since 1995.

Editor Victor P Taffa has publicly supported Railway Expansion and Improvements in New South Wales since 1982. The New South Wales Labor Government have been so full of contempt of the Railway Expansion Plans as contained in that enforced Psychiatric Incarceration was the response from the New South Wales Labor Government. This is in addition to the campaign of Financial Slavery for Victor P Taffa’s support for the RailCorp Network and needed Expansion.

Further to this is the Labor Party’s attitude towards The Southern Thunderer. For fear of embarrassment the New South Wales Labor Government waited until after the 20 March 2010 South Australia and Tasmania State Elections to Incarcerate Victor P Taffa.

The hide of the New South Wales Labor Government simply knows no bounds even as the 26 March 2011 State Election looms as that they have the audacity to dictate to a Liberal Victoria State Government in opposing Victor P Taffa from contributing in a Senior Transport Role for Railway and Tramway Expansion in Victoria.