Healthcare Not Well

Healthcare Not Well

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Stroke Unit Closure

Victor P Taffa

Reports that the Royal Hobart Hospital’s dedicated stroke unit is set to become the latest casualty of Labor and the Greens’ savage health cuts are extremely disturbing, according to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman.

“They also put the lie to the repeated claims by Labor and the Greens that their cuts to health won’t affect patient outcomes.”

According to Premier Ms. Giddings herself, when opening the dedicated stroke unit in 2006 as Health Minister:

Ms. Giddings said studies have shown that dedicated stroke units mean patient death rates drop by as much as 20%; hospital stays are 8% shorter, and rates of institutionalisation and dependency are lowered by 6%.*

“So in Ms Giddings own words, the closure of the Stroke Unit will increase stroke death rates in Tasmania by up to 20 % an absolutely outrageous situation.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Two beds in the corner of a general ward do not make a stroke unit, and Ms. Giddings knows that.”

“Rather than savagely cutting vital front-line health services, it’s time that Ms. Giddings and Ms. O’Byrne swallowed their pride and adopted the Liberals’ alternative of almost $200 Million in non-frontline savings to the budget.

“A good start would be to rein in Labor and the Greens’ lavish expenditure on consultants, which last year blew out by a massive $16 Million.” Mr. Hodgman said.

*Lara Giddings, Media Release, 18/9/2006