Green Light For Red Tape Cuts

Green Light For Red Tape Cuts

Western Australia Minister for Local Government John Castrilli

Legislative Changes To Cut Local Government Red Tape

Victor P Taffa

Local Government Minister John Castrilli today announced legislative amendments to simplify the local government compliance audit return process, reducing unnecessary regulation and red tape.

The changes decrease the size of the return by about 20 % by removing questions on areas of compliance that are already audited by the Department of Local Government or external auditors.

Mr. Castrilli said minimising the administrative burden of the compliance audit process would enable Local Governments to allocate greater time and resources to other activities to benefit communities.

“Reducing the Local Government compliance audit return process is one of a number of initiatives I plan to introduce to help the local government sector operate more efficiently and effectively.” the Minister said.

“Other measures include capacity building projects to assist Local Governments undertake business planning, strategic planning and asset management.” Mr. Castrilli said.

The need to review the Local Government compliance audit return process has been identified in a number of reports including the Red Tape Reduction Group Report released in February 2010.