Great Idea But Wrong Rail Technology

Great Idea But Wrong Rail Technology

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

State Government Rules Out South Yarra Chaos

Victor P Taffa

Connecting Melbourne Metro Rail to South Yarra Railway Station would cost up to a $1 Billion and destroy more than 100 properties yet it would be of little use to South Yarra locals.

A Melbourne Metro Rail Authority assessment of South Yarra connection options show the case for including a new station at South Yarra is ‘very poor’, providing a meagre return of 20 to 33 cents for every dollar invested.

“Melbourne Metro Rail provides two underground connections in the CBD that’s what our train system needs. An additional connection at South Yarra would cost a $1 Billion, destroy more than a 100 homes and businesses and would be of little use to South Yarra locals.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.


“$1 Billion would be better spent improving services across the metropolitan and regional train network.”

“If the Liberals and Greens want another railway station at South Yarra they need to justify why they’d spend $1 Billion destroying homes instead of fixing our rail system.”

“For people in South Yarra, Melbourne Metro Rail means faster, more reliable services to the CBD and across Melbourne.” Ms. Allan said.

The original option assessed by the Authority placed new platforms more than 200 metres away from South Yarra station, over Toorak Road, making it complicated and time consuming to change between lines.

These poorly connected platforms would cost around $700 Million to build and would require the destruction of more than 100 properties.

To build the platforms closer to South Yarra station would cost $970 Million and require the acquisition and destruction of 82 homes and half the Jam Factory.

The benefits for passengers and local residents of this chaos and distress would only be marginal compared to the benefits Melbourne Metro Rail will already provide to South Yarra locals.

Melbourne Metro removes the busiest line on the network the Cranbourne Pakenham line from South Yarra Station. This will reduce congestion at the station and enable more frequent and reliable trains from Sandringham and Frankston every few minutes into Flinders Street and the City Loop.

These high-frequency, ‘turn up and go’ services will have seamless connection to every line on the network, including the new Melbourne Metro Rail stations, via the new underground rail system.

No matter how you build it, a connection at South Yarra just doesn’t stack up and won’t be built by the Andrews Government. However, with train patronage and population growing, improvements will be required at South Yarra station and considered as part of planning for a growing network.

High Speed Rail will revolutionise travel within Australia

High Speed Rail will revolutionise travel within Australia










Railway Technology

The most pressing need is for a Burnley-Jolimont Direct Connection and the Andrews Government is ignoring what is most required to unlock congestion in the rail network.

To go for a separate conflicting Rail Technology does nothing to improve the existing network. Editor Victor P Taffa drew up these and other plans with firsthand experience and use of the Melbourne UBD 2011 45th Edition Street Directory and sent copies of these plans to then Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder and other Baillieu Government Ministers.


Burnley-Jolimont Direct Connection:

  • Ease Congestion at 10 Platform Richmond Station
  • Double Track Y Link to West Richmond
  • Richmond Station serves 8 Lines
  • Jolimont Station serves 2 Lines


High Speed Rail (HSR)

Rail Commuters would prefer in both Sydney and Melbourne HSR at speeds of 450 Km/h that operates to every Capital City including Hobart via a Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait before supporting a separate conflicting rail technology.

Perth is the world’s most isolated Capital City and is only connected via a single track line that is the sixth longest in the world with one of the world’s straightest railway lines. When freight trains break down, the line is blocked.

HSR will require duplication and electrification. So as to accommodate both Freight Trains and the Indian-Pacific service, sidings in each direction would also be required so as to serve the numerous inland communities that are along the existing Trans-Continental Line. Electrification of the line will enable the Indian-Pacific to be able to be hauled by electric locomotives.

Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry will convey HSR, Regional, Suburban, Freight Trains and Tram Cars across Bass Strait

Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry will convey HSR, Regional, Suburban, Freight Trains and Tram Cars across Bass Strait










Funding Formula

Three means of funding new and expanded railway lines in Melbourne and Victoria are as follows:

  • Railways Lottery
  • Restaurant/Lounge Carriages
  • Railway Bonds