Grants For Six Multicultural Community Organisations In 2016

Grants For Six Multicultural Community Organisations In 2016

Western Australia Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Mike Nahan

Events Celebrate WA’s Rich Cultural Diversity

Victor P Taffa

  • The State Government has announced grants totalling almost $450,000 for 16 multicultural events, and six organisations for major programs focusing on health, wellbeing, youth and education

Western Australia’s 2016 multicultural calendar is set to be bigger and brighter than ever, with Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Mike Nahan today announcing funding for a number of community celebrations and programs to support and celebrate cultural diversity.

State Government grants totalling $219,250 have been awarded to six organisations to fund a diverse range of projects including those that aim to strengthen social cohesion and neighbourhood engagement, youth development, address domestic violence and water safety.

Over a two-year period, a further $190,000 has been committed to eight major community celebrations including Chinese New Year, Diwali Festival of Lights, Eid Celebrations, Tet New Year and the Buddha’s Birthday.

In addition, $39,994 in grants has been awarded to a number of organisations including the Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre, the Australian Asian Association of WA and migrant support organisation SoChange to hold community events and activities.

The grants have been awarded via the Office of Multicultural Interests’ Community Grants Program, which supports community initiatives to maintain, share and promote culture; develop skills and address the needs of culturally diverse communities.

“This year we have focused on supporting programs that relate to education support, youth support and skills development, as well as health and wellbeing.” Dr. Nahan said.

“The funded programs aim to improve community engagement, build social cohesion and improve cross-cultural understanding.”

“Supporting these programs is vital to ensuring WA’s vibrant and successful multicultural community continues to thrive. I encourage other community organisations to apply for the February Community Grants Program 2016 round of funding, which opens on Monday, January 4, 2016.” Dr. Nahan said.

Fact File

  • Grants totalling $219,250 have been awarded to six community organisations
  • Over a two-year period, $190,000 has been awarded for eight major community celebrations
  • A further $39,994 has been awarded for a number of small community events and activities