Government Response To Flood Recovery Very Tardy

Government Response To Flood Recovery Very Tardy

Queensland Shadow Minister for Flood Recovery Peter Dowling

Mismanagement Of Disaster Relief Hampers Recovery

Victor P Taffa

The Bligh Labor Government was continuing to ignore the dire need of many flood victims, the Liberal National Party said today.

Shadow Minister for Flood Recovery Peter Dowling said by ignoring genuine need the Bligh Government was effectively hindering the Flood Recovery.

Mr. Dowling said that on an extensive tour of flood-affected communities around Queensland, he’d heard first-hand many stories of people in need missing out on vital assistance.

“More than six weeks have passed since the floods, and many people are only now being told that they will miss out on assistance.” Mr. Dowling said.

“Some of these people are living in caravans because their homes were flooded. These people are being told to sell their remaining assets, their caravans, or cars, if they want money.”

“The Government is missing the point, these people who have lost everything. Taking their last remaining belongings from them is heartless and an unparalleled insult.” Mr. Dowling said.

Mr. Dowling said individuals were not the only victims of the floods, with many small businesses facing massive battles to remain viable.

“Without rebuilding small business, we will not succeed in rebuilding Queensland. Small businesses are the backbone of our community if we lose them we lose the fabric of the community.”

“I heard about one company yesterday who used to have 40 employees. Now they have 14 and are not eligible for any assistance to get up and running again.” Mr. Dowling said.

“That means 26 employees are not taking home wages, putting food on their family tables and spending money in their local communities.”

“Particularly in Regional Queensland, that impact is biting hard at the very core of our community.” Mr. Dowling said.

“There are better ways to manage the relief fund, and I call on the Government to distribute the $200 Million-plus that was generously donated by the public as quickly as possible.”

“The Premier should look at better delivery of the money, maybe using local councils.”

“In fact some have started their own funds and have distributed them to a very grateful community.” Mr. Dowling said.