Government Must Act To Save Fruit Industry

Government Must Act To Save Fruit Industry

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff

Labor-Green Cuts To Biosecurity Must Be Quarantined After Second Fruit Fly Detection

Victor P Taffa

The Labor-Green Government must immediately rule out any cuts to our Quarantine and Biosecurity service and send a strong signal to our trading partners that Tasmanian industry remains vigilant in protecting our relative pest and disease free status, Shadow Minister for Primary industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“The detection of a second Fruit Fly in the State’s south has the potential to decimate Tasmania’s $120 Million Fruit Industry, and also highlights the needs for trapping and detection measures to be ramped up immediately.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“If a full-blown outbreak is declared, Tasmania’s export market to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have the potential to be completely destroyed and would spell disaster for our fruit growing industry.”

“It is clear that the State Government’s complete and utter lack of commitment to sufficiently resourcing the State’s Biosecurity and Quarantine resources has left Horticulture and Agricultural markets exposed.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“In order to protect Tasmania’s relative pest and disease free status and our unique quality brand there must be an urgent review into monitoring, detection and trapping measures when it comes to fruit fly as well as our Quarantine Barrier detection measures in general.”

“It is imperative that the Labor-Green Government immediately rule out any cuts to Quarantine and Biosecurity resources.” Mr. Rockliff said.