Government Introduces Bills For A Safer Victoria

Government Introduces Bills For A Safer Victoria

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Victoria Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Coalition Continues Policy Implementation With Community Safety Legislation

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government has continued delivering on its Policy Commitments with three new Bills introduced into Parliament today to make Victorians safer.

The Bills are consistent with the Coalition’s Previous Policy Announcements on sentencing reform, increasing the number of Victoria Police Protective Services Officers and enabling School Principals to seize dangerous items.

Sentencing Reforms

The Sentencing (Further Amendment) Bill 2010 will abolish suspended sentences for a range of serious crimes, including recklessly causing serious injury, commercial drug trafficking, aggravated burglary and arson.

These are all significant offences that cause great damage and suffering to victims and undermine the safety of our community.

Recklessly causing serious injury is an offence committed when the offender knows that their conduct is likely to result in serious injury to their victim, but goes ahead anyway for example many of the assaults captured on CCTV cameras which have horrified Victorian families in recent years.

Commercial drug trafficking is a blight on our community that brings misery and suffering to many, particularly to young people and their families and to victims of crimes that are driven by drug addiction.

Aggravated burglary is the offence that covers home invasion, a crime that undermines community safety and destroys the sanctity of the home.

Arson is an offence that, as many Victorians know only too well, can cause widespread damage and horrific loss of life.

When this Bill becomes law, sentences of imprisonment imposed for these offences in the County or Supreme Court where the most serious cases involving these offences are tried will no longer be able to be suspended.

Expanding The Functions Of Victoria Police Protective Services Officers

The Police Regulation Amendment (Protective Services Officers) Bill 2010 will assist in delivering the Coalition’s commitment to deploy 940 additional Protective Services Officers (PSOs) across metropolitan and major regional railway stations from 6 pm to last train seven nights a week to improve public safety and tackle violence on the train network.

The amendments expand the operational functions and purposes for which PSOs can be employed and deployed, while also removing the current cap on the number of PSOs that can be engaged.

These amendments will extend the ability of PSOs to operate at train stations and allow the recruitment of PSOs to proceed.

The amendments represent the first component of legislative changes that will give full effect to the recruitment and deployment of hundreds of PSOs to fulfil the Coalition’s election commitment.

VIC Minister for Police Peter Ryan

VIC Minister for Police Peter Ryan







Making Schools Safer

The Coalition Government will amend the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 to reduce the effects of anti-social and violent behaviour in Victorian schools by giving government school principals the power to ban, search for and seize weapons and other harmful items in the possession of students.

Under existing legislation, it is illegal to possess weapons in public places, including government schools, without an exemption or lawful excuse. The Bill will operate alongside these existing laws to make our schools safer.

VIC Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

VIC Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder