Government Asleep At The Wheel Of The Ambulance

Government Asleep At The Wheel Of The Ambulance

Queensland Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes

Ambulance Staffing Woes Leaves Uni Students At The Wheel

Victor P Taffa

Revelations an Unqualified University Student was forced to drive an Ambulance on the Sunshine Coast over the Christmas period has exposed the drastic shortage of Ambulance Officers in the rapidly growing Region, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Glen Elmes said the incident was ‘totally unacceptable, dangerous and should never have happened’.

“We had an Ambulance Audit in 2007 that was supposed to have fixed this but clearly Minister Roberts and this long term toxic Labor Government have been asleep at the wheel.” Mr. Elmes said.

“When Unqualified University Students are being forced to drive ambulances, then clearly the current recruitment levels are not enough.”

“Driving an ambulance is a highly specialised skill and having an unqualified university student at the wheel puts lives at risk.” Mr. Elmes said.

Mr. Elmes said the Minister needed to explain how he and his Labor Government allowed the Ambulance Staffing levels on the Sunshine Coast to deteriorate so badly.

“The long term Labor Government needs to give an iron clad guarantee this is not a widespread practice and ensure it does not happen again.” Mr. Elmes said.