Geelong Greyhound Racing Receives A Boost

Geelong Greyhound Racing Receives A Boost

Victoria Minister for Racing Denis Napthine

Geelong Dual Track Venue A Greyhound First

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Racing Denis Napthine will tonight officially open Geelong’s new greyhound racing facility the Beckley Centre, which features a world first dual-track.

The $8.2 Million project has been a partnership between the Victorian Government and Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) with the government providing $4.3 Million.

“The redevelopment of Beckley Park is another significant step forward for greyhound racing in Geelong and Victoria.” Dr. Napthine said.

“This new Geelong facility is a world first, with two different styled tracks which will offer all greyhounds the opportunity to perform at their very best.”

“Greyhound racing is an exciting sport and it is a vital and growing part of the Victorian racing industry and the economy of our great State.”


“Geelong is a major centre for the greyhound industry, with more than 3,000 registered trainers, breeders and industry specialists in the region.” Dr. Napthine said.

“The inner track has been named after legendary locally-based trainer Graeme Bate, who was inducted into the GRV Hall of Fame for his unrivalled success as a trainer for over 40 years. He is known for his unique and innovative training methods and it is fitting that the new inner track is named in his honour for its blend of innovation and style.”

“I congratulate the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club and Greyhound Racing Victoria for having the vision to take on and successfully deliver such an ambitious project.” Dr. Napthine said.

GRV Chairman Nick Caley said his organisation proudly celebrated the completion of Beckley Park and he thanked the Victorian Government and the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club for their support.

“This development of the facility has come about by the dedication and hard work of many club stalwarts and distinguished leaders, so much so that Geelong might now be considered the epicentre of greyhound racing in the world.”

“The Geelong GRC now boasts a world class racing facility, which comprises a fully air conditioned ground floor kennel block, a grandstand/convention centre which will comfortably accommodate some 300 patrons, and a unique dual track set up.”

President of Geelong Greyhound Racing Club Maurie Blair said the opening of the Beckley Centre was the culmination of years of planning and development around the original concept of a track within a track.

“Good things are the result of good ideas, good forward planning and great management. The Geelong GRC has experienced all of these elements from the new facility’s designers, engineers and local trainers, resulting in a world class facility.” Mr. Blair said.

The outer track, with its wide sweeping turns, is suited to sprinters that want to jump and run from its 400 and 460 metre starts. By having only the one turn to negotiate, all dogs will have a great chance from box 1 to box 8, with the 680 metre start providing a fantastic test of endurance over the longer journey.

The Bate Track, with its two challenging distances of 520 and 596 metres, gives greyhounds that enjoy running around bends the opportunity to display their all-round chasing ability.

The wide turns and straights will provide a worthy challenge for all greyhounds.

The new grandstand will increase the dining capacity from 100 to as many as 300 patrons and will provide a venue for special occasions, while the business community will have access to new conference and seminar facilities.

The modern facility also includes extensive features to make it more energy efficient and able to recapture and recycle water, which will contribute to savings in operational costs.