Flooding Hits Tasmania

Flooding Hits Tasmania

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff

State’s Farmers Left Devastated As Government Fails To Act

Victor P Taffa

Following extensive flooding and excessive rain in many areas of the state over the past week, in particular the North, North East and North West, I will be meeting with farmers on affected farms to gain a true insight as to the extent of financial impact on their operations and hear first hand their concerns about the flood recovery process, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“I have been talking with farmers today across the North, North East and North West and many Tasmanian farmers have been hit devastatingly hard, with millions of dollars worth of crops and infrastructure destroyed.”

“The fact that some council’s are reporting hundreds of thousands or over a million dollars worth of damage also needs to be put into perspective.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“The reality is that individual farm businesses have lost up to or more than a million dollars in production alone, not to mention the cleanup costs.”

“The multiplier effect for our rural and regional economies of excessive rain and flooding when you include loss of production beyond the farm gate will be on a massive scale.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“From my discussions with farmers today, the North-East has been hit excessively hard and I will be meeting with farmers in that region tomorrow.”

“The State Government simply cannot afford to underestimate the gravity situation.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Tasmanians need a Government that is prepared to listen and act in a crisis situation, and so far, Premier David Bartlett and his Labor-Green Government have failed to grasp the seriousness of the financial crisis facing many farmers and the flow on effects to rural and regional communities and the Tasmanian economy in general.” Mr. Rockliff said.